These X Games Stars Prove Sibling Rivalry Is The Key To Success


For parents, having one child become a success is impressive enough, but having two, three or even more is a remarkable feat that most would assume can only be explained by genetics. But what if the real reason behind that success was having one another?

Sibling rivalries can get tough, but they often times shape the people we become.

Those of us blessed enough to be born with a brother or sister, or even both, know what it's like to go crazy and lose our damn minds because of them.

We also know how their interests can affect us, either making us want to join them, or do the complete opposite. Even more than your peers or your parents, they are the ones who influence you the most, whether you realize it or not.

So when siblings both excel in something together, the work it takes to get there is not just by chance, but something that takes equal parts of each other.

Sibling rivalries aren't meant to be vengeful or damaging, like they sometimes get. They should motivate us to be better and teach us how to win together.

Whether it's nothing but love, a healthy competition or straight up genetics, these action sports stars are proving that rivalries breed success.

Brother and sister Arielle and Taylor Gold have been competing together since they were children, and while they don't ever go head-to-head, they still use each other for motivation.

The siblings spoke to Elite Daily, and while they both support each other fully, they have different opinions on their "rivalry." Arielle said,

Taylor, on the other hand, believes his sister's success pushed him to work harder. He said,

Another brother and sister pair, Darcy and Cassie Sharpe, are both competing in the winter X Games this year. There's nothing but love between these two.

Cassie says she and her bro like to keep it light with each other and take the pressure off.

Darcy feels the same way. He said,

Jossi, Beau-James, Byron and Jackson Wells are four brothers who've been competitive with each other for their entire lives.

Jossi says that competition has fueled all three of them, but at the end of the day it's about focusing on themselves and leaving room to root for one another. He said,

Byron kept it real and summed everything up perfectly.

Taylor Gold, Cassie Sharpe and Byron Wells all say their parents played important roles in their development.

Taylor says his parents were huge influences on both him and Arielle.

Cassie has a similar story about her supportive parents.

Byron says his parents were as supportive as they could have possibly been.

Whether you're an action sports star or building a business, the path to success starts at the crib.

It's different for everybody, but the keys to success lie in the people you surround yourself with, and before anyone else, that's your fam.

Competition always brings the best out of winners and if you're not about that life, then it's probably a wrap for you.

Working together you can move mountains, but working against each other doesn't do anyone any favors. Don't do that.

Sibling rivalries are made to push you, not break you.