JJ Watt Just Posted The Hottest Shirtless Picture You've Ever Seen


If you clicked on this article, we should probably be friends.

Because if you've read an article about JJ Watt on Elite Daily in the past, I was probably the person who wrote it.

In fact, this will be my 10th article on the 6'5" legend. By now, JJ definitely knows who I am -- I can promise you that -- but he has yet to acknowledge my presence online.

Once this article is published, I'll definitely tweet it at him, even though he probably won't respond.

He never responds.

But you know what? It's fine. JJ, I'm going to keep writing articles about you until you stop trolling me and finally retweet me.

So here's the latest story: JJ just posted this extremely shirtless, extremely ripped picture on Instagram.

He didn't include a caption, but that's OK because the photo truly speaks for itself.

JJ, I do have two questions for you, though.

Why did you feel the need to post this? This is a weekend where everyone is eating, drinking and definitely not going to the gym.

What filter did you choose? Love your use of the radial tilt shift.

Anyway, happy Memorial Day weekend, JJ.