Shaq Pretended To Be A Lyft Driver And People Got So Confused

There probably is no better person Lyft could have gotten for this stunt than Shaquille O'Neal.

First off, Shaq is probably the funniest NBA player in the history of the league this century. Secondly, he really is never afraid of looking stupid, which was definitely a risk here.

This video shows Shaq riding around Atlanta, where he works as an analyst for TNT's "Inside the NBA", putting on different disguises to trick Lyft riders.

Now, not to be a buzzkill, but here's the question we all have to ask. What exactly took so long for all the people to question why a 7-foot, 300-something-pound giant was driving their Lyft?

There really is no acceptable answer besides the same one that came up in the comments for this video. In the video, LeBron James pulls off a similar prank, working at a pizza shop unbeknown to the unwitting customers.

In LeBron's case, a lot of people came up with an excuse I imagine might be brought up to defend Shaq's passengers: People might think they see an NBA star behind a disguise, but no one is actually bold enough to say it for fear of being embarrassed.

Sure, I guess.

Oh, yeah, but other than that, it's pretty funny. Check out Shaq's video in the player above.