YouTube/Blaze Pizza

LeBron James Pretended To Work At A Pizza Place, And No One Recognized Him

It's so easy to look at this video of a very obvious, 6-foot-8-inch, LeBron-like figure working at a pizza shop and think,

Wow, those customers are so dumb.

But really, how likely are you to risk looking silly and say said LeBron-like person is actually LeBron James. We've all been there when we go to someone and say, "Hey, aren't you..." and it doesn't pan out.

So, I was ready to cut these people some slack. But then, one person in this video said something along the lines of,

Hey, you look like Dwyane Wade.

Yeah, that's when my understanding side was done, and I just had to laugh at these people who some how didn't realize an NBA great was in their midst.