NFL Star Ray McDonald Domestic Abuse Video Leaked

Horrifying footage has emerged showing ex-NFL star Ray McDonald act aggressively toward the mother of his child, Kendra Scott, while the baby is in her arms.

The video, obtained by TMZ, shows McDonald standing across a dining room table while a woman can be heard clearly distressed.


During the video, the camera is always angled at the ground and McDonald's face is never shown. But he says,

You really recording me going downstairs?

His partner, who says she has the 2-month-old in her arms, replies,

Yeah because you're in here acting crazy. I was sleeping here and you come in here and act like this. Please get away from me Ray. You need to stop, I'm not doing anything to you — get away from me. What are you doing? It's 4 in the morning, I was just sleeping, can you please just leave me alone? What are you doing? I have a baby!

The commotion continues and another man's voice can be heard. It sounds like he is trying to defuse the situation.

But the argument gets even more heated. Eventually, Ray tells the other man,

You don't know me, I'm telling you. Don't touch me, back up, get away from me.

The video goes on for more than four minutes. Toward the end, the man tells Ray,

Let's go. She will get ready, and she's getting picked up. Let's go, please.

Suddenly, a loud crash can be heard. It appears as though McDonald advances towards the woman in an aggressive manner.

It sends her fleeing from the room and screaming "STOP."

The incident took place in May 2015, but the video has only just emerged.

At the time, McDonald was taken to court where he faced charges of domestic violence and felony false imprisonment.

But the charges were dropped after a grand jury saw the video and decided not to indict.