Ronda Rousey Absolutely Destroyed Her Opponent In A Mere 14 Seconds

If this was supposed to be Ronda Rousey's most difficult match, she should probably just retire now.

The undefeated Bantamweight Champion defended her title at UFC 184 on Saturday night against Cat Zingano. The fight lasted just 14 seconds.

That's right, Rousey won so fast, her whole victory could fit in an Instagram post, a GIF or even a Vine.

Rousey's victory broke the record for the fastest ever win by submission, which was a record previously set by Marcus Aurelio in 2008. It was the eleventh win of her career, which further cements her as the most dominant fighter in the world.

Zingano was previously undefeated, too. But, yeah, about that...

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