Ronda Rousey Says 'Yes' To Date With Marine After He Asks Via Video

On August 22, a US Marine made a Facebook video to ask Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball this December.

While the video was cute and heartwarming, it seemed nearly impossible Jarrod Haschert's dream would come true.

AmericaFuckYeah on YouTube

For starters, it was doubtful Rousey would ever get the message in the first place.

And even if she got it, the date of the ball would coincide with the training schedule for her upcoming fight with Holly Holm.

Sometimes, though, the stars align.

TMZ tracked down Rousey and discovered not only was the UFC champ down to go to the ball with Haschert, but because her fight with Holm was moved up to November, she actually has time on her schedule to do so.

Like, this is actually happening.

Haschert better be well-behaved because as Rousey puts it,

I'm not a first date kind of girl.

Hope it works out, guys.

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