This Bar Made An Absolutely Incredible Ice Sculpture Of Roger Goodell

Last week, all of New England rejoiced as Tom Brady's Deflategate suspension was completely nullified.

The New England Patriots, who open their season tonight against the Pittsburgh Steelers, are flying high, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is reeling from the loss.

In celebration of the Patriots kicking off the NFL season, and to heap further laughs at Goodell, Boston's Frost Ice Loft -- the self-proclaimed first and only ice lounge in New England -- created an ice sculpture of an ashamed Roger Goodell.

In support of our fair @Patriots we decided to put Goodell where he belongs! #GoodellOnIce — Frost Ice Loft (@FrostIceLoft) September 9, 2015

You have to hand it to the Ice Loft; this is a very creative way to kick off the 2015 NFL season.

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