Rob Gronkowski's Super Hot Girlfriend Is A Former Patriots Cheerleader (Photos)

Rob Gronkowski is a Super Bowl champion and an elite fantasy football player. It's only right he has the woman to match.

It's no surprise his girl badder than any girl you've ever been with.

And it's even more unsurprising she used to be a Patriots cheerleader. Why you so predictable, Gronk?

Meet former Patriots cheerleader Camille Kostek.

Yeah, she used to be a Tom Brady fan back in the day.

But she traded in that number 12 jersey for number 87 real quick.

You know Gronk was peeping on the sidelines at games...

...and whenever he was getting water at practice.

It just would've been wrong for him NOT to bag.

Now, any guy she's been with before is truly sick.

Because Gronk and his bros would truly smack the sh*t out of any of them.

Camille became one the hottest WAGs in the NFL overnight.

She might just be the baddest woman to ever step foot in Gillette Stadium.

Gronk has been holding it down heavy and even spent time with her fam already.

But realistically, this is the type of girl you'd change your religion for.

And she'd make you forget your friends.

You already know she's sitting courtside at any game she goes to.

And she got the bad friends for Gronk's teammates.

It looks like everyone is a winner here!

Gronk's mood: