8 Reasons Why Everyone Both Loves And Hates Cristiano Ronaldo

by Miranda Kulp

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest names in professional soccer. Originally from Portugal, he currently plays for the Real Madrid team.

He's one of the most talented men in the league; people simply can't get enough of number seven. Whether it's during a game or about his dating life, there’s always a new story circulating about Ronaldo.

Everybody recognizes his name; however, there is a distinct line drawn when it comes to whether people love or hate him. If you’re like me, you constantly go back and forth on your feelings toward Ronaldo.

In honor of his 30th birthday, here are the main reasons why you should both love and hate the soccer legend:

Love Him: He’s One of the Most Talented Players Around

The numbers don't lie; he has scored almost 300 goals and has a long list of honors and awards he’s earned throughout his career.

His determination and passion for the sport can be spotted every time he plays.

Although there’s a long list of notable goals from which to choose, one of his greatest was when he was played for Manchester United against Porto in 2009. His legendary long-range, run-of-play shot turned the game around for his team.

Hate Him: He Can Be A Showoff

The area in which he's most guilty is a three-way tie between his excessive celebrating, ripping off his shirts and glittery cleats. The bottom line is he constantly demands attention.

Ronaldo has talent and makes sure he shows it off when he's playing. In all fairness, some people are just born to steal the show…

Love Him: He’s A Great Dad

Honestly, there’s nothing more attractive than when you can tell a man is a good dad. And, since he's often photographed hanging out with his adorable son, we can read between the lines.

Ronaldo can sometimes seem self-centered, but he makes sure to take good care of Cristiano, Jr.

Hate Him: His Bank Account

It’s no secret professional athletes make bank — Ronaldo is no exception.

Currently, his net worth is at $250 million and he has a $45 million yearly salary.

Love Him: He Puts His Fortune to Good Use

He may be one of the best-paid athletes around, but he's also extremely charitable.

His philanthropic efforts help children and preserve Brazil’s beautiful rainforest, along with many other worthy causes.

In the spring of 2014, Ronaldo received a request to a donate soccer shoes and a jersey to help raise $83,000 for a 10-month-old who needed an operation. Ronaldo not only donated the items, but also paid for the operation.

Hate Him: He’s Pompous

The man has a statue and, no joke, it’s the modern-day version of Greek God statues.

As if the statue wasn’t enough, he’s been described as the king of back-handed compliments and cockiness. It’s okay to be confident, but there's a fine line between believing in yourself and thinking you’re the king of the world.

Love Him: He’s Single

He's not only one of FIFA’s most talented players, but also one of the best looking.

After breaking up with Irina Shayk and rumored girlfriend Lucia Villalon, he’s back on the market.

With the perfect body and irresistible smile, it’s probably easy for Ronaldo to find himself a new girl, but all of us can still dream.

Hate Him: “Penaldo”

Any good athlete will always have some people rooting for him or her to fail.

Some fans created the nickname “Penaldo” to mock him, since a fair number of his goals were scored in overtime or were penalty kicks.

Regardless of where you stand on the love/hate war with Ronaldo, we all can agree on one thing: At least for the man's birthday — not to mention his hard work —, he deserves a day of peace.