This Moment Between Rival Soccer Fans Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Sunday, Portugal defeated France 1-0 to capture the Euro 2016 crown. France, the host of the tournament, dominated the game for the most part, but thanks to Portuguese substitute Éder's fantastic goal in extra time, it was Lisbon instead of Paris partying well into the night.

É lindo ver o povo feliz!! Is beautiful to see my country happy!!! — Luís Figo (@LuisFigo) July 11, 2016

Yeah, it was lit. This is Portugal's first major tournament championship, and judging from the above photo, it looks like Portuguese soccer fans celebrated accordingly.

However, as any sports fan will tell you, with every Portugal fan overjoyed by the thrill of Sunday's victory, there was an opposing France fan who felt the agony of defeat.

And while you might expect opposing fans of two nations slugging it out for a European championship to be bitter rivals, the below video suggests anything but.

Following Portugal's win over France, a French fan appeared inconsolable. He was crying alone until a young boy wearing a Portugal jersey came up to him to give him a handshake and a pat on the back.

As you can see, this friendly fan interaction didn't stop there. The two soccer fans soon found themselves embracing, almost as if to say, "We've all been there before."

Win or lose, though, we're all fans of the beautiful game, and if two opposing soccer fans can put aside their differences to share a beautiful moment, your faith in humanity should be a bit stronger today.

Also, watch how this little Portugal fan has enough respect to wait for his new French companion to walk away before celebrating his country's victory.

I bet every NFL fan would do the same, right? Take a lesson, everyone.

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