Pete Carroll's Explanation For The Seahawks' Last Play Made No Sense

To be fair, there are times that we, as sports fans, are too quick to name a scapegoat for a big loss. This is definitely not one of them.

For many valid reasons, the Seattle Seahawks' decision to throw the ball on 2nd and goal at the 1-yard line, with the Super Bowl on the line, will go down as one of the worst (and, if you really want to be critical, dumbest) play calls in the history of the NFL.

It was a terrible call and not just because it resulted in the worst case scenario.

Multiple Patriots, from cornerback Darrelle Revis all the way up to owner Bob Kraft, practically admitted the Seahawks let them off the hook by not running the ball with Marshawn Lynch.

That was the worst play call I've seen in the history of football. — Emmitt Smith (@EmmittSmith22) February 2, 2015

One of the explanations given for it by the Seahawks' head coach, Pete Carroll, wasn't any better, either. Watch Carroll trying to make sense of the nonsensical up top.

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