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The Entire Internet Is Making Fun Of How Old This College Basketball Player Looks

The Kansas Jayhawks lost their Elite Eight matchup against the Villanova Wildcats on Saturday night.

The loss, while certainly bad for the entire team, may have been felt the deepest by senior Jayhawk Perry Ellis (yes, just like the clothing brand).

First and foremost, it must be said that Ellis had a career any college player would be proud of.

Though Ellis' college career has felt like it lasted an eternity.

Adding to that "forever a senior" feeling is the fact that he looks older than your average college student. Like, A LOT older.

I mean, there's no getting around it, the dude looks hella old. On Saturday night the entirety of the Internet saw its final opportunity to make fun of Ellis in a Jayhawks uniform and seized it with both hands.

As you'd expect, there were plenty of grandpa jokes...

And everyone exaggerated how long they've actually seen him play.

According to Twitter, he's played with all the Kansas greats.

And then there were some bangers...

And it doesn't help that he had a bad game, either.

We could've done without a death joke, though.