Paul George Knocks Up Miami Stripper, Allegedly Offers $1 Million For Her To Not Have Baby

Paul George apparently got a Miami stripper pregnant. Her name is Daniela, and though she was formerly employed as a stripper at Tootsie's in Miami, it is believed that she is a Queens native that moved to Miami to attend the U, according to our Queens correspondent.

Understandably, George is not particularly excited to welcome a baby girl into the world. This would be his first child, and he is currently dating Clippers coach Doc Rivers' daughter. I imagine that Callie Rivers is not too happy about this either. Callie graduated from University of Florida in 2010 where she started for their volleyball team.

Paul George had his breakout performance in last year's playoffs, matching up with LeBron James and holding his own. This year has continued from that point and he has developed into one of the most effective and versatile two-way players in the league. The Indiana Pacers value him so much they gave him a max contract, worth $90 million over five years.

Now, I'm no legal expert, but there is no doubt that this will be a pricey error for George. He allegedly offered Daniela $1 million to not continue with the pregnancy, but I think that was probably a low ball offer.

New York State child support for one child is 17 percent of the yearly income, initially suggesting that George will have to cough up around $3 million a year (90mil/5years multiplied by .17). This is obviously pre-tax, and who knows if it will be Indiana or Florida laws.

Regardless, if you're a professional athlete (or agent), shouldn't you at least consider saving up some sperm for when you actually want to be a father and then get a vasectomy? Antonio Cromartie probably wishes he did it about 10 kids earlier.

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