Pacers Star Gets Real About His Major Injury And Long Road To Recovery (Video)

Imagine dedicating your entire life to the sport of basketball, only to fear that dream's demise in a matter of seconds.

In August 2014, Paul George broke his leg after running into a hoop stanchion during a Team USA scrimmage game in Las Vegas.

Videos of the injury are difficult to watch, but they're nothing compared to what George endured since that devastating moment.

Just 15 days after suffering a compound fracture to his right leg, Paul George said,

[The injury] will make me stronger.

He wasn't lying.

In the video above, George details the play that nearly derailed his NBA career as well as the grueling rehab process he underwent to get back on the court.

He opens up about how hard it was to walk with a boot, then with regular sneakers and finally make all his normal runs and cuts with a basketball.

Paul's rehab process was painstaking at times, but his belief in his recovery and unwavering work ethic ensured he'd return to action.

In the video, he says,

Basketball is not a job. It's not my work. It's just what I love to do... I don't like to just do something, I like to to be the best at something.

Paul George started every single one of the Pacers' five games this season and is averaging over 30 minutes per game.