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The Patriots Are Already Facing New Cheating Accusations In Week One

The Pittsburgh Steelers will file a formal complaint to the NFL, according to Yahoo! Sports, following questions surrounding signal interference between the team's coaches' headsets during last night's game against the New England Patriots.

This latest story all began during the postgame press conference.

After a 28-21 New England victory over Pittsburgh last night, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin told reporters the signals between his coaches' headsets were cut off during the game's first half. Tomlin expressed no surprise such a thing happened, particularly when playing against the Patriots in Gillette Stadium.

Here's Mike Tomlin's response to questions about the coaches' headsets' signals.

Mike Tomlin is not happy. And this is going to be a "thing." Fair or not. — Erick Fernandez (@ErickFernandez) September 11, 2015

In fairness, when Tomlin was asked if this type of stuff happens anywhere else, he declined to answer, saying he preferred to respond to questions about what happened during last night's game only.

The Steelers' official team website, however, took it upon itself to go all in on the subject.

Whoa. From the Steelers website - they claim the headset issue was pretty intentional — Kenny Ducey (@KennyDucey) September 11, 2015

The NFL, for its part, made clear both teams experienced issues.

Here's what Vice President of Football Communications Michael Signora said in a statement released by the league last night.

ICYMI, here is the NFL statement on the headsets. — Rachel Nichols (@Rachel__Nichols) September 11, 2015

While the league's statement provides reason to sweep this under the rug, it's still worth noting between Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh's team statement and the Yahoo! report, the Steelers' organization made a subtle yet clear accusation against the Patriots.

Now let's just hope this doesn't turn into another exhausting saga we have to talk about for eight months.

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