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Tom Brady And The Patriots Just Got A Whole Lot Better In The Sneakiest Way

The New England Patriots have done it again.

Out of nowhere,  Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and company have pulled off an absolute robbery of a trade that will immediately sweeten their Super Bowl chances.

The Pats acquired tight end Martellus Bennett in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Bennett, who made it to the Pro Bowl a season ago, will now pair up with fellow tight end Rob Grownkowski.

The pairing represents the potential to restore New England's  tight end dominance, with its last notable dual-tight end threat ending in disgrace thanks to former player Aaron Hernandez.




The Patriots pulled off a move that is simply unheard of, but then again, the Patriots are kind of famous for sneaky maneuvers.

Whether it's snapping up Randy Moss, Wes Welker or, now, Martellus Bennett, the Patriots, ladies and gentlemen, are always good for a robbery.

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