OSU Marching Band Member Offered Football Team Tryout

I take burritos very seriously, and I respect anyone else who feels the same way, like Ohio State University marching band member Austin Brizee.

Brizee's friend recently bet him a Chipotle burrito he couldn't make a 55-yard field goal.

He not only made it, he was offered a tryout by OSU's football team.

The OSU Marching Band filmed Brizee taking the field goal and tweeted it at OSU's head football coach Urban Meyers. They jokingly asked, "You guys need a kicker for Saturday?"

Meyers didn't respond, but they did get a response from Eron Hodges, the assistant director for player personnel for OSU.


Hodges said they didn't need a kick for Saturday, but Brizee "definitely has a tryout invitation."

This is all sounds like something straight out of "The Waterboy." Perhaps it could be the basis to a sequel?

"The Waterboy 2: The Band Geek's Revenge." Just a thought. But I digress....

Making a 55-yard field goal is no easy feat. Brizee didn't even know he was capable of it until his friend made the burrito bet.

To put this into perspective, until the past decade or so, NFL players did not consistently make field goals from that distance.


Brizee, who is currently a junior at OSU, played soccer, baseball and golf in high school.

Describing what led up to his incredible field goal, Brizee told USA Today Sports,

I kept going back and kept on going back and finally hit the 55-yard one and (my friend) so happened to get it on film. But we were just out there having fun.

Well, having a little fun seems to have turned into a serious opportunity to play college football.

If he does end up making the team, Brizee will likely have to quit the marching band. But, who knows, maybe this 55-yard field goal was just a fluke?

Either way, this is a fantastic story, and his friends are still in shock,

For the most part everyone just thinks this is crazy. No one would have ever thought I would have gotten a tryout just from kicking field goals in the athletic center.

Apparently, the friend who made the burrito bet with him has yet to deliver the goods, which is simply unforgivable.

Let's hope Brizee gets that burrito soon, and best of luck to him in the tryout.

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