One Wears Uggs, The Other Still Believes In Santa: The Differences Between Tom Brady And Peyton Manning

While the young quarterback duel in the NFC Championship game between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick should interesting (check out this hilarious Instagram comparison of the two), the real stars of the day will be none other than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Being one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, we've seen Brady get the best of Manning as he leads the head-to-head series 10-4. He also holds the most recent match up in week 13 when the Patriots came back to win in overtime after being down by 24.

But while both guys are accomplished and already have their own Super Bowl rings, their stories off the field couldn't be any different. Peyton's a Southern man who enjoys life and puts all of his attention and focus to securing his legacy.

Tom Brady is doing the same exact thing, only with a super model added to the mix. Being a pretty boy always has its perks, especially for quarterbacks. Check out this lifestyle comparison of the two, and decide who you want to win on Sunday.

Peyton Manning was clearly in better shape when they were rookies


But these days, it's Tom who rocks the no-shirt look

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Peyton Manning turns up by going to Sweet 16 parties

Tom Brady goes to the Met Gala with Gisele

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Peyton Manning visits people in need

Tom Brady likes to go down water slides

Peyton Manning is sponsored by Gatorade


Tom Brady is sponsored by UGGS


Peyton Manning has had the same haircut his entire career


Tom Brady was once a Belieber

Peyton Manning goes to the bar to get a couple of drinks


Tom Brady goes to the club to get wasted

Shot of Ginn

Tom Brady can't stop cuffing


Peyton Manning still believes in Santa


Advantage: Brady

Top Photo Credit: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images