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Inspiring One-Handed Football Player Breaks High School Receiving Record (Video)

Kris Silbaugh may have been born without a left hand, but he surely wasn't born without ambition.

The high school senior proved that again last Friday night when he broke Cambridge Springs' all-time record for receiving yards, despite playing his whole career at a theoretical disadvantage.

Silbaugh, who also broke his school's all-time record for touchdowns during his junior year, talked to USA Today's Jason Jordan about playing with one hand,

It was just some sort of birth defect. Nothing was wrong. It has never stopped me. I just don’t let it; never have.

He's not lying, either. Silbaugh, who stands at 6'2" and 175 pounds, is a bonafide star on his team. He was an All-Region receiver during his junior season and not only broke Cambridge Springs' touchdown and reception yards records, but he's 20 catches away from breaking the school's receptions record as well.

High school receiver dominating with just one hand — Getrealhandicappers (@Getrealhandicap) September 14, 2015

As you'd expect of any skilled high school player, he's been getting noticed by collegiate coaches, too. Silbaugh told Jordan,

I’m pretty confident because of my speed and I just feel like every ball is a catchable ball for me. I’ve been getting a few letters from colleges, but I’m just focusing on the season. I just want to help the team in any way that I can.

No one could deny he's doing just that. Check out the video above for Silbaugh's moves on the field and, for more of his story, the well-done profile on the player below.