On Instagram, Straight Smokin'! The Hottest Female Athletes To Follow On Instagram

by Julian Sonny

Let's be honest: Instagram was made for people to get their creep on. You're just lying to yourself if you say otherwise. Stop it!

While the market's become saturated with a bunch of bullsh*t lately, there's one Instagram type that will remain consistent and never disappoint: athletes.

Not only do athletes motivate us to live healthier lifestyles and make us want to get better, they also look pretty damn good doing it.

Female athletes, especially (I'm biased), are always having an awesome time, spending a lot of time under the sun and are rarely ever wearing clothes. Everyone wins here!

Leryn Franco, Javelin

IG: lerynf

Leryn Franco is a true beauty from Paraguay who has two passions: competing on the track field and looking totally bad while doing it. She became an Internet sensation back in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics but has since sort of been forgotten. Don't worry, Leryn, we haven't forgotten you!

During the offseason, Leryn loves to cook...

...But she's all about that bikini body, so you'll rarely find her indulging.

On the track field with the stick in her hand, where Leryn truly excels.

Heavy weights? No problem!

And now for some unwinding after a long day of work!

Silje Norendal, Pro Snowboarder

IG: siljenorendal

The 22-year-old Norwegian snowboard sensation Silje Norendal is one of the biggest names in the game. She took home the gold in women's slopestyle at the Winter X Games Europe back in 2013 and represented her country in Sochi for the Winter Olympics.

Silje's ready to hit the slopes wherever she goes...

...That would probably explain why she's always taking home the gold.

To celebrate, she might pop a bottle or two.

After that, she's straight back to her business and training.

But just to cap the day, Silje will face a box of wine. Now that's a real woman!

Anastasia Ashley, Pro Surfer

IG: anastasiaashley

Surfer chicks are as awesome as you would assume, but Anastasia Ashley is another breed. The true beach bum, who resides in Oahu, travels the world hitting the swells and breaking hearts. She is also the Olympian who twerks as her part of her warm-up routine.

Anastasia is just happy to be here...

...But she has been a little constipated lately.

Paddle it out girl!

NBA superstar Kevin Durant definitely approves.

Now that's a walk-of-shame to remember.

Angela Rypien, Legend's Football League

IG: angela_rypien

Angela is the daughter of NFL quarterback legend Mark Rypien and has used her strong quarterback bloodline to excel in the Legend's Football league, where she is the star quarterback for the Baltimore Charm. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. Still bad, though.

Before every game, Angela likes to get all oiled up...

By the time she hits the field, she's camera ready.

After the game, she throws on her Jordans and has some personal time.

Nothing like a quick selfie!

You'd better believe her daddy is proud!

Alex Morgan, Women's Soccer

IG: alexmorgan13

Alex Morgan is a household name by now for her incredible Olympic gold medal run at the 2012 London Olympics. But she's much more than just a one-trick pony. When you combine pure athletic talent and natural beauty, this is what you're going to get.

When she's not on the pitch, you'll find Alex at the beach...

...Or at a hockey game giving us a duck face.

A girl who's sponsored by Nike is a major turn on.

How could you say no to a face like that?

I really hope Tyson Chandler didn't scratch that.

Ronda Rousey, UFC Champ

IG: rondarousey

"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is hands-down the toughest chick in all of sports. As the UFC's first women's champ, she's proven that she's elite with some thrilling knockouts and victories that even the guys are impressed with. Oh yeah, and she doesn't look too bad, either.

Despite competing in a barbaric sport, Ronda is actually quite classy...

...And she's far from ashy.

But when it's game time, you better get out of her way.

Don't let the smile fool you, either.

Baby got back.

Sydney Leroux, Pro Soccer

IG: sydneyleroux

As Alex Morgan's best friend, Sydney Leroux is a pivotal piece for the team USA women's soccer team and star player for the Seattle Reign. She also happens to be one of the more physically gifted and fit athletes on this list, and those tattoos? A little ratchet, but we love it.

Sydney is definitely a party girl.

Turn down? Never that.

Now we can see why she broke Colin Kaepernick's heart.

How far do those tats go down, though?

She does yoga.

Skylar Diggins, WNBA

IG: skydigg4

Skylar Diggins is officially the it-girl who every NBA player, rapper and YouTube sensation is trying to get with right now. But Skylar isn't interested, as she has the looks, a degree and WNBA contract. Plus, she's cuffed to her college sweetheart.

Skylar went to Notre Dame to get that college education...

...She's a straight thug, though.

But she can flip the switch real quick.

I don't think anyone realized how bad she was until Sports Illustrated dropped.

Swag on a million!

Alana Blanchard, Pro Surfer

IG: alanarblanchard

Alana Blanchard is the reason we have Instagram. People always want to talk about Cali girls, but Alana is proving that the best talent has drifted out to the Pacific, as the Kauai beauty is also one of the sickest surfers.

This is what surfer chicks from Hawaii look like...

...And these are their friends...

...And wait, more friends!

But Alana is still the star of the show.

We should all just go to Hawaii.

Top Photo Courtesy: Instagram