20 Things You Didn’t Know About Odell Beckham Jr. That Make Him Awesome

by Julian Sonny

Call him "Spider-Man" or "ODB," but whatever you do, just know that Odell Beckham, Jr. is the future of the NFL.

It's hard to say Giants fans will be content with missing the playoffs this season, but considering they have a newfound beast in the wide receiver position, the future isn't looking too bad at all.

Odell Beckham, Jr. is officially a household name after making the catch of the century last night against the Cowboys, and to say that it caught America by surprise is an understatement.

However, this is something about Beckham that people in New York have learned quickly in the past few months -- and something folks down in Louisiana have known for years.

There's more to know about the 22-year-old star than just circus catches and touchdowns.

In a rookie class flooded with talent at the wide receiver position, find out what makes Beckham the best of the bunch.

Odell is from New Orleans and was born in 1992.

When he was just 4, he promised his mother he would play in the NFL.

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In an interview with the New York Post, Odell recalled a scene from his childhood,

My mom told me when I was 4 years old… I was outside playing, she came outside and said, ‘What are you doing?’ I looked in her eye and told her I was practicing for Sundays. She said the way I said it, she had no choice but to believe it.

At 5'11" and 198 pounds, he can catch everything in sight.

Of course, he practices one-handed grabs before every game.

He played basketball, baseball and soccer as a child before ever football.

He even had the chance to make the US National Soccer Team at age 14.

In other Odell Beckham news, he was chosen for US National Team tryouts at 14. For soccer. He chose football instead. Good call — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) May 6, 2014

He went to Isidore Newman in New Orleans, the same high school that Peyton and Eli Manning also attended.

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He and Cooper Manning are the only two players in school history to record 1,000 receiving yards in a single season.

He went to college at LSU, where his father played running back in the 90s and his mother ran track.

Even then, he was making one-handed catches.

His father roomed with Shaq and Odell considers him an uncle. Preciate it Unk love ya so much!! Stay in touch — Odell Beckham Jr (@OBJ_3) May 22, 2014

He's very thankful for his parents' role in his success.

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In the same interview with the New York Post, he admitted he'd "hit the genetic jackpot," adding,

I’m beyond blessed. I thank God for what he’s done for me, two athletic parents being able to [guide me]. Growing up [with] them being athletes made me more competitive. Knowing I had so much to live up to growing up made me want it that much more.

He was drafted as the twelfth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

He got straight to work with his new quarterback while still in school.

It came much to the delight of his father, Odell Beckham, Sr.

His touchdown dance is known as "whipping."

Even some of his fiercest opponents respect his game.

My Goodness.... That young man is bad!!!! — Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) November 24, 2014

They're even begging him for a jersey swap.

Hell, even quarterbacks from other teams want him.

But Odell isn't going anywhere.

Goin to sleep but just wanna thank God for everything he's Doin in my life. #TruelyBlessed — Odell Beckham Jr (@OBJ_3) November 24, 2014