The NY Post Had Too Many Matt Harvey Pee Jokes So They Published Them All

Earlier this week, New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey found his name in the headlines after it was reported he was suffering from a mysterious medical injury that may have prevented him from starting on opening day.

It was quickly rumored the injury had nothing to do with Harvey's shoulder or elbow -- which would be the immediate concern for a power pitcher who already underwent Tommy John surgery once in his career -- but there was little clarification otherwise.

According to reports, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said,

It's a non-baseball medical issue that we have to address. It came up this morning, as far as I know. There will be some follow-up tests and consultation that will take place over the next couple of days.

Soon enough, though, it was reported Harvey's mysterious injury was a bladder infection, which created a blood clot in his bladder. According to reports, Harvey reportedly passed the clot and had a procedure to check his bladder.

It was also reported the clot and infection may have stemmed from the fact Harvey doesn't go to the bathroom frequently enough.

Commenting on the situation, Harvey allegedly said,

I guess the main issue is I hold my urine in for too long instead of peeing regularly.

The New York Post was among the many outlets to get wind of Harvey's ailment, and since the paper couldn't settle on just one punny headline poking fun at Harvey, it decided to publish all of them.

Way to think creatively on the (button) fly, New York Post. I guess the editors just couldn't piss this opportunity away. Harvey's ready to roll for opening day, Mets fans. So, I guess it's bladder up, right?

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