NFL Characters Unite

NFL Stars Team Up To Form A Powerful Force Against Bullying (Video)

In many ways, the Super Bowl captures so much of what the NFL is about.

It's a close and intense battle with powerful athletes galore and superstars fighting through injury and gritting their teeth through the pain; one might say the adrenaline-filled spectacle is the perfect reflection of the league's elite athletes.

But, just as the physical pain so many of those stars fight through is indicative of their warrior-like image, there's a more common pain many of them overcame, and now they're using their experiences to help others.

A new documentary titled "NFL Characters Unite" debuts tonight on the USA Network, and will show the side of NFL athletes many people don't get to see, all while capturing them at their most human levels.

The documentary will feature some of the league's biggest stars, such as Richard Sherman and Darren Sproles, as they help kids going through some of the toughest and relatable struggles in life.

Check out these two videos, an exclusive clip along with the documentary's official trailer, and you'll find it hard to not let the feature touch your heart.

Sproles, who has struggled with stuttering his whole life, comforts a young girl who has been teased for fighting the same issue.

The trailer for NFL Characters Unite shows many of the NFL's most macho figures at their most vulnerable, but for a purpose.