NFL Players Who Beat Their Wives Get Lighter Suspensions Than Those Who Smoke Weed

by Julian Sonny

There's an issue in the NFL today that's beginning to be a huge problem.

It goes beyond just the game itself and deals with not only the players and their decision-making off the field, but what's being done after the fact that's getting to be troublesome.

In fact, it's become an ethical issue of moral standards and it must be addressed.

The way the front office handles their suspensions is completely their business, but at the same time, these unfair punishments are not only setting players' careers back, but they're hurting the league and sending a terrible message to young fans who pay attention.

Ravens' running back Ray Rice may be a top-10 talent at his position, but when this disgusting video of him carrying his wife out of a New Jersey casino elevator, after allegedly knocking her out, was released by TMZ in February, we saw him in another light.

He was only suspended two games for this heinous incident, nothing more than just a slap on the wrist. All he'll need to do is complete a domestic violence program, which will, of course, teach him his lesson.

He'll be ready to rejoin with his team by week three like nothing happened. No doubt, the loss of his services would've hurt the Ravens as his featured back status is what Joe Flacco needs to balance out the offense.

On the other side, take a look at a guy like Josh Gordon, who has had a history of substance abuse in the NFL -- with his most recent offense testing positive for marijuana -- and it's because of that positive drug test that he's suspended for the season.

Similar to Rice, Gordon holds a valuable role with his offense and with 2013-2014 being a breakout season for the former Baylor star, his development is going to be stricken all thanks to a failed drug test... for pot.

If one thing's for certain, it's that Johnny Manziel could have really used this as his deep threat for this upcoming season.

The rules are the rules, and while commissioner Roger Goodell has already hinted at lifting some of the severities that come with marijuana punishment in the NFL, nothing has happened, and players are wondering why.

Linebacker Daryl Washington from the Arizona Cardinals is another All-Pro guy who suffered the wrath of cannabis use, losing his season as a result, and the Cardinals have made it clear that they may be ready to move on from him, which is sad, considering he's one of the best in the business.

The whole subject of legalizing weed in the NFL is a fun idea, especially with the medicinal purposes it could be used for, but we are realistically a ways off until something with that actually happens.

However, what could be done right now is an immediate lift or at least a lightening up on these kinds of punishments.

The NFL makes an effort at these types of calculated decisions for the best interest of their fans and their business, but when it comes down to doing what's right, they need to take a closer look.

Let the punishment fit the crime.