NFL Dads Do Their Daughters' Hair In New Ad That Will Melt Your Heart

Let me just throw this out there as a preface: My dad is the best dad ever. Period.

As a kid, he taught me how to surf, ski, ride my bike and do all sorts of badass stuff. He never missed a field hockey game and is still super concerned about my driving ability.

Yeah, he's awesome, but the one thing I used to absolutely dread as a kid were the days when my mom had to go to work early and my dad had to do my hair for school.

Needless to say, it was a HOT mess -- like, so bad my babysitter once had to cut out a chunk. But, I love my dad anyway.

That's why Pantene's new ad series, "Dad-Do," is, without question, my top pick for Super Bowl ad of the year.

In the series, NFL players, including Pittsburgh Steelers' DeAngelo Williams, New Orleans Saints' Benjamin Watson and Dallas Cowboys' Jason Witten, take strategies from the field and put them to work on their daughters' hair.

Each of the ads ends with an important message about father-daughter bonding.

BRB, going to call my dad and apologize for running away from him every time he was carrying a brush.