40 NBA GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Job's Awkward Holiday Party

You know, holiday party season really is the most wonderful time of the year.

For the most part, everyone is in a festive mood, people are getting ready to go on vacation and are less uptight because of it.

So when the actual party comes around, everyone's ready to have fun, but no one's ever quite sure how much fun to have.

Do we really turn up or is this just one of those classy mingle things? You never really know, and trying to figure it out along the way will always make for an awkward, though enjoyable, holiday party.

These 40 GIFs from your favorite NBA stars will sum up your holiday party this year:

When you realize you'll be drinking on company dime instead of coming up with your own plans and spending your own cash

When you take one last face check before going through the door

When you realize you might get a "what are those!?" tonight

When you're new to the office and don't know if everyone can handle your wild side yet so you tread lightly

When the one person you're cool with was TBD but actually showed up

When you zoned out during a boring conversation with one of your coworkers and he or she says, "so, what do you think?"

When someone neglects to greet you properly but you refuse to stand for the disrespect

How you walk in when you know everyone was waiting on you to turn up

When the person who knows you don't like him or her tries to sit next to you and make peace

When you bring your girlfriend as a plus-one and she gets a little too charmed by your coworkers

When that one guy thinks he finally has a chance just because you have a little wine in you

When you and your friend notice that same guy making a fool of himself

When your coworkers are happy that you finally decided to let loose and allow yourself a little two-step

When you were trying to play the night cool but then your office crush walked in looking too good

When you tumble on a dreaded drunk-fall but have just enough sobriety left in you to pretend it was someone else's fault

When you realize you've been there way too long and need a good excuse to "go to the bathroom" and dip out of there

Whenever Taylor Swift comes on

When it's getting stuffy and you're about to die from smelling must so you have to step outside for fresh air

When you and your "work spouse" show up extra fly so now you have to show off

When everyone keeps asking "what's wrong" so you crack a fake smile to get them off your back

When you exaggerate the story about how your office crush was "giving you the eye" but no one's buying it

When you come up with your outfit idea immediately after watching "The Wiz, Live"

When everyone else is having a good time but you've seen better so you're not impressed

When somebody says "I like your hair" then immediately transitions to touching it without permission

When you almost get caught in someone else's Snapchat but you have the presence of mind to evade the camera for those 10 seconds

When someone tries to deny the fact your outfit is poppin' so you have to give the "man, please" look

When you start realizing how many office romances have been happening on the low

When you're not really having fun but everyone else is having fun so you cooperate for the greater good

When you realize it was totally unrealistic to think you were only going to stick to "just a couple of drinks" so you go all in

When someone is telling a seemingly unimpressive piece of office gossip but finally gets to the good part

When the one person you confide in at the office starts spilling everything you told him or her after just two drinks

When the oldest people in the office go out of their way to confirm their age on the dance floor

When someone finally compliments what you have on and you're not interested in being humble

When someone starts to expose him or herself as the sloppy drunk

When your bosses are having conversations about who's getting raises next year and you do what it takes to hear if your name comes up

When your friends are across the room having the time of their lives but you remind them you all agreed to only sticking around for an hour

When your boss accepts your apology for saying something slick during the day but still is low key ready to fire you

When the goodbye hugs start to get a little too personal and you don't know how to get out of them

When someone passes out before the night is done and you take it upon yourself to become TMZ

How your holiday party will actually look if your office culture is lit

When you realize it's still a weekday, so you have to get up in the morning and see the same people who saw you turnt