NBA And Pornstars: The Thirst Is Real (Photos)

“I’m a F*cker amongst other titles.... and....Your favorite Pornstar.” Powerful words from the distinguished Sara Jay, who proudly erects herself (among other things) behind those statements by virtue of her Twitter bio (@SaraJayXXX). Sara thinks she’s your favorite pornstar, huh? To quote the great Lee Corso, “not so fast, my friend!”.

Check out this report done by Kevin Lincoln (BuzzFeed) who has become an instant legend in my book, chronicling which pornstars get followed by which NBA players. A few things jump off the screen to me. First of all, Sara Jay thinks she’s your favorite pornstar? She clearly isn’t directing that proclamation at Amir Johnson, is she? He pretty much follows anything that jumps in front of a camera with 2 labia (there’s two right?).

To put it quite simply, Amir makes castaways look well nourished. You need some water Amir? Thirsty boy. You’re a pro basketball player, I don’t even follow as many pornstars as you do on twitter (shouts to my #BenzMafia). If you’re in the league and you follow 5 more pornstars than your PPG average, maybe you’re in the wrong field.

Nevertheless, peruse these pornstars’ résumés of NBA player followers. And to Amir, go get a hobby, this is borderline pitiful.

Photo Credit: Instagram Twitter & Getty Images