Michael Phelps Revealed The Song That Inspired The 'Phelps Face' Meme

US swimmer Michael Phelps absolutely owned the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

The 31-year-old won six medals, five gold and one silver, across multiple events in Brazil and also became the subject of the most viral meme in Olympic history.

You remember the Phelps face, right? You know, the epic death stare on Michael Phelps' face in the moments leading up to men's 200 meter butterfly race?

The dude Phelps was glaring at was South African swimmer Chad le Clos, who Phelps beat handily.

But who was the most decorated Olympian of all time listening to in order to get in the zone and achieve absolute domination?

Well, Phelps revealed his muse during last night's MTV Video Music Awards.

Addressing the MSG crowd, Phelps said rapper Future was responsible for giving him that extra lift, saying,

Remember in Rio when I made that face that ended up all over the internet? I was in the zone with Future's track 'Stick Talk' blaring in my headphones.

So, there you have it. The next time you need to dig deep and push yourself harder than you've ever pushed before, just bump that Future and make sure the volume is all the way up!

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