Twitter/Darnay Tripp

Michael Jordan Sent Boxes Of Gifts To The Autistic Fan Who Dresses Like Him

If you frequent social media, then you're probably familiar with Jeffrey Harrison, aka the Michael Jordan impersonator.

Harrison went viral earlier this year after multiple videos showed him competing in pick-up games in full Michael Jordan gear.

He had everything: the jerseys, the shoes, the armband, everything.

Bro even got the leg and arm band — Bubba Scarfs (@J_Hardiman23) July 5, 2016

Well, it turns out Harrison has been wearing the get-up since 2010, which was revealed in a feature done in July by KREM-TV in Washington.

The same reporter who executed that feature, Darnay Tripp, was with Harrison when Michael Jordan himself sent two boxes of gifts over for his biggest fan (which included a pair of recently released, super sexy, Olympic-themed retro Jordans).

Along with the gifts, Michael Jordan also sent a note over to Harrison.

But, Harrison didn't have to just read Jordan's words off of a card. The legend himself made a personal call to the fan.

Harrison said he's been a fan of Jordan since the age of 4. And while the reaction to his on-court routine isn't always positive, Harrison told Tripp nothing stops him from playing the way he wants.

With determination like that, it's no wonder Jordan likes him.

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