This Smoking Miami Basketball Fan Is Way Hotter Than The Heat

Unless it involves the Warriors, Spurs or Cavs, you probably don't give a sh*t about a random Monday night NBA game.

But let me tell you, I'm sure more than a few folks are glad the cameras were rolling during this week's game between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

That's because the American Airlines Arena cameras managed to -- how could they miss her, really -- spot a Miami Heat fan who looked like she was ready for a night at LIV rather than an NBA game.

It is Miami, though, right?

In reality, all the credit in the world should go to Alyssa Nelson, who cheered her heart out when Goran Dragić scored to help the Heat defeat the Pacers.

Here's a closer look at the woman who literally stole the show on Monday night, and is probably the greatest Heat fan ever.

Monday night, Alyssa Nelson became the main focus of an NBA game between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

And if you have two working eyes, it's not too hard to see why.

Nelson is absolutely gorgeous.

But it looks like she's not just another gorgeous blonde who only pretends to know about sports.

See, Monday night's Heat game was far from Nelson's first foray into live sporting events.

And it appears her favorite NHL team isn't actually the Florida Panthers.

So, the next time you're watching sports and you see someone like Alyssa Nelson on the screen, don't be so quick to think she's not a real fan.

This woman is as dedicated to sports as that dude chugging beers and screaming about bad overtime losses.

And while she may take in a Heat game here or there, she's always going to ride for her number one, the Minnesota Wild.

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