Not Only Did Mario Götze Win The World Cup, He Has The Hottest Girlfriend Ever (Photos)

by Julian Sonny

At just 22 years old, Mario Götze became the face of German soccer by scoring the game-winning goal in the overtime 113th minute of the World Cup final to send Messi and the Argentinians packing.

The goal itself was something special, and Götze jerseys are already selling off the shelves. He'll be remembered as a legend forever for this!

For the ladies who are wondering, he is currently cuffed, and from the looks of it, he's not leaving his girlfriend anytime soon.

German model Ann-Kathrin Brommel Vida has to be one of the hottest soccer WAGs in the world, and she's fired up from the big win.

As Mario returns to his home country where he'll be treated like a god, he's just focused on getting back to work with his club team Bayern Munich.

Of course, he first plans to spend a little more time with Ann before all of that. Just stop wearing Speedos, dog.

@KieranLaurie23 Ann Kathrin Brommel  lol you really cant blame the guy with her next to him! — Chef Stu (@StevieKaf) March 26, 2014

Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter