Marco Belinelli Sends Twitter Groupie His Version of 'You Trying To Get The Pipe?'

By Julian Sonny

Hailing from San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy, 27-year-old Marco Belinelli has been doing work in the NBA for six years now, all while still trying to master the English language.

Now going into his first season with the San Antonio Spurs, Belinelli looks to master another skill specific to his new region -- Twitter groupies. He gave his best "You trying to get the pipe?" attempt (shout out to JR Smith) to one lucky cyber girl when she outed him and posted screen shots to her account.

Broken English isn't always the best kind of English when trying to bag a nice American girl, but unfortunately this girl missed the point -- he's an NBA player! He could've changed her life!

Make sure you follow her @gOldbluntz. Hopefully your Twitter game is better than Marco's and you can bag this little hipster joint. First one to do it gets a medal!

Yo, Marco Belinelli, I’m gonna let you finish, but J.R. Smith had the greatest DM conversation ever - — Jonah Kaner (@JonahKaner) November 4, 2013

Top Photo Credit: Elsa/Getty Images