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A 55-Year-Old Man Lost A Bet And Hosted A Major BBC TV Show In His Underwear

A middle-aged man went to his workplace on Saturday and did his job in a pair of boxers.

That's the story of 55-year-old Gary Lineker, an English national team legend who was bound by his word to host a soccer highlights show in his underwear.

Here he is, delivering on his promise:

He is a man of his word... #MOTD #garyspants — Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) August 13, 2016

If that seems ridiculous, then perhaps a little explanation should come next.

Lineker only made the promise with a condition. He'd host the show in his underwear if his favorite and former team, Leicester City FC, won the English Premier League title.

At the time, it seemed like both of those things -- hosting in his tighty-whities and Leicester winning the Premier League -- were never going to happened.

And then Leicester actually won the Premier League, which was literally the greatest upset in the history of... anything.

So, with the new Premier League season kicking off this weekend, it was time for what is (probably) the second biggest sporting shock of his lifetime.

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Oh, and so we're clear, this is not just any show. This is "Match of the Day," a historic highlights show that's been aired pretty much every weekend of the English soccer season since the '60s.

So yeah, it's likely a whole lot of people saw Lineker on TV in Leicester-themed undies.

Don't worry, Gary. At least the Leicester fans appreciate your commitment.


What a legend.

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