A Taekwondo Olympian Blew His Chance Of Winning Gold And Was So Sad He Cried

Lutalo Muhammad thought his dream of winning a gold medal was going to come true. Then, he got kicked in the head in the last second of his taekwondo match, losing the gold medal.

Ranked fourth in the world, Muhammad was seconds away from bringing home the gold for his home country, the United Kingdom, but his opponent, Cheick Sallah Cisse of Côte d'Ivoire, had other plans.

As the bout on Friday between the two was headed toward its finish, according to the BBC, Cisse went for one last move to try to win: it was a reverse turning kick. It landed and cost Muhammad the match.


Muhammad was clearly distraught after the loss, and his post-game interview is gut-wrenching to watch because he cannot hold back his tears.

According to the BBC, Muhammad said after the fight,

I'm so distraught. I was so close to becoming Olympic champion and making my dream. I don't want to cry but I am so sorry to the people that stayed up to watch. I let them down at the last second. This is so hard. I was so close to being Olympic champion. The emotions are so raw. It's hard to say how disappointed I am. It should have been gold. I am so upset I can't speak clearly. I am absolutely gutted to blow it like that. I'll have to wait four years for another chance. It's one of the low points of my life.

Unfortunately, it seems Muhammad is living proof that winning silver feels a lot worse than winning bronze.

Check out the clip at the top to see Muhammad's emotional reaction.

Sad though he might have been at the moment, at least he was able to come up with a smile for the medal ceremony. He did still win silver, after all.


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