Yep, LeBron James Gave Us A Glimpse Of His Penis During The NBA Finals (Video)


LeBron James' male version of a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction makes him the real MVP of Thursday's NBA Finals game.

Game 4 of the Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Finals was last night, and while Andre Iguodala may have dominated the court, the ABC cameraman who happened to be pointing his lens at Lebron James' crotch at just the right moment dominated Twitter.

We totally just saw LeBron James' penis, right? Did we?

LeBron's P-flash was pretty fast, but the Internet instantly did what it does best: take small mistakes people make and screenshot them, so they are easily accessible for the rest of time.

#LeBronsDick started trending, and Twitter's reaction was pretty perfect.

Gonna call it right now: LeBron James' penis totally looks like Adam Silver.

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