The Amount Of Cash LeBron James Is Making From His Nike Deal Is Absurd


Last December, LeBron James extended his contract with Nike indefinitely after reportedly signing a lifetime deal with the sports apparel giant.

According to ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, the deal was the largest for an individual athlete in Nike's history.

While the specific monetary amount of the deal was kept secret at the time, Rovell speculated LeBron's new contract could be worth far more than fellow NBA star Kevin Durant's 10-year, $300 million Nike partnership.

Now, it appears Rovell was on the money with his assessment. According to reports, LeBron James' deal with Nike is worth a billion dollars.

No, not a million, doc; a billion!

In a recent interview with GQ, LeBron's business partner Maverick Carter was reportedly asked if Kanye West was accurate when he spoke on "FACTS" about King James' Nike deal being worth a billion dollars.

According to the article, Carter responded to that question by smiling and motioning upwards, perhaps suggesting the deal is worth more than a billion dollars.

Speaking on the deal, Carter said,

Nike feels great about the deal. As great as I feel, as great as LeBron feels -- Nike feels fantastic about it. It's the largest deal in the history of the company.

Sounds like all parties are pretty pleased with making a sh*tload of cash. Who would've thought?

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