Lamar Odom Is Allegedly Not Doing Well And Doesn't Remember His Family

Things, sadly, aren't looking too good for Lamar Odom.

Information about the extent of the damage done to the former NBA star after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel has been slowly leaking since he was found on October 13.

We already knew there was significant damage done to his kidney and his motor skills were going to be majorly affected by the multiple strokes he suffered, but the latest information about his current state is even less reassuring than previous reports suggested.

TMZ now reports a source close to the estranged husband of Khloé Kardashian said he made very little progress over the past few weeks and has only really been able to infrequently speak a few words. At times, he reportedly even seemed completely “empty.”

What's more is, because of brain damage from the incident, he reportedly can't recognize family and close friends who come to visit him.

Pray for Lamar.

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