Kyrie Irving Is Back For Another Chapter Of 'Uncle Drew,' And It's Lit (Video)

It's been three years since the first chapter of the "Uncle Drew" series debuted, and who could've guessed the series would've blown up like this?

After accruing over 50 million YouTube hits with chapters one through three, Uncle Drew, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving's alter ego, is back again for the fourth installment of the Pepsi-partnered production.

In the latest episode, Uncle Drew battles old man Walt, played by NBA champion Ray Allen, in a monumental game of H-O-R-S-E.

According to ESPN, Irving said,

It's awesome to get to chapter four. I just love every time when fans get to discover who else will join me. I surround myself with great people and love the freedom to come up with a new vision.

The seven-minute film, which takes place in Miami, Florida, also features former NBA star Baron Davis and comedian JB Smoove.

It's awesome to see these dudes transformed into old men, and the blend of basketball and comedy is something the "Uncle Drew" series captured perfectly.

As for who wins in H-O-R-S-E, well, you'll just have to check out the video above.

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