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Kyrie Irving Opens Up About Life After Losing His Mom In Emotional Video

On the court, Kyrie Irving is likely to get over all his losses. But off the court, there is one loss that will always matter.

In a video for The Shared Grief Project, he said,

I love my mother and it's still hard to this day, especially when I was filling out forms. You know, my father's name and, you know, his cell phone number and emergency contact and then right next to it would be mother and that has been blank since I was 4.

The 23-year-old NBA All-Star has been in the public eye since he was a blue chip high school prospect in New Jersey.

But one of the least known facts about Irving is he lost his mother before he was even old enough to go to kindergarten. He said,

Even though I lost her at a young age, it still hits me.

Irving said his navigation through grief included moments alone in his room, long stares at the wall and thoughts of what could've been. But the journey also featured the love between him and his family growing stronger, as well as a growing love for basketball, which took his mind off things.

Irving spoke about the subject for The Shared Grief Project, an organization sharing the stories of notable athletes who fought through the loss of loved ones, particularly at young ages, and went on to enjoy successful lives.

The project seeks to accomplish a simple goal: create a world where no child grieves alone.

Check out the video above for more of Kyrie's story.