Someone Caught Kyrie Irving Liking Model's Pic During NBA Finals Game

by Julian Sonny

When he's not playing point guard for the Cavs, Kyrie Irving lives his life just like any regular dude.

And besides the millions of dollars, celebrity status and pure athletic ability, there's not much separating him from the rest of us.

Someone snapped a screenshot of Kyrie liking a model's picture during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

It must hurt to watch LeBron carry the team on his back as you deal with an injury, but Kyrie's just doing what any other dude would do to help ease the pain in this situation.

We're not trying to blow up his spot, but considering he's supposed to be playing in the damn game, it's pretty hilarious.

A part of being an athlete in 2015 is having to deal with this. But can you blame him? Let that man bag.

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