Kate Upton Gets Slammed For Angry Post About Sitting During National Anthem


The first Sunday of this NFL season took place on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

It was always going to be an emotionally-charged day, and that only intensified in the wake of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem a few weeks ago.

After seeing several players, both in football and in other sports, follow suit and demonstrate similar protests as Kaepernick's, speculation over what would happen Sunday was at a fever pitch.

There were rumors the Seattle Seahawks would protest the anthem as a team, but they decided not to in the end.

However, there were several players on the Miami Dolphins who did choose to take a knee when "The Star-Spangled Banner" played before kick-off on Sunday. The protest sparked plenty of conversation on Twitter, but one of the most intense responses came from Kate Upton.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Upton said sitting or kneeling during the anthem is a "disgrace."

In her full rant, Kate Upton said,

ESPN's Jemele Hill clapped back at Upton with a rather poignant tweet, questioning her support of all Americans.

In my opinion, Kate Upton is missing the entire point of these protests. Kaepernick and others who are choosing to kneel during the National Anthem love this country as much as anyone. They're upset this country is failing to hold itself to the standards and morals we claim to believe in.

Let's not forget, the founders of this country owned slaves. That's just a fact.

Former NFL safety Charles Woodson arguably gave the most accurate take yet about this whole situation. He spoke about how much it used to mean to him to stand on an NFL sideline during the playing of the National Anthem, but he also acknowledged Francis Scott Key owned slaves.

In the video above, Woodson said,

This debate isn't going anywhere, and we're a better country for it.

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