There’s No Denying The Kansas City Royals Are Baseball’s Best Team

Kansas City Royals

You know the elevator experiment? It's where a group of people enters an elevator and one person turns around and faces backward to throw things off.

Out of social anxiety and the need to fit in, the others in the elevator tend to follow suit and also turn to face the back wall, rather than the door.

It is the classic example of going with the grain and not standing out as different. It's avoiding being “wrong.” It's indicative of how uncomfortable our society is when they are literally facing the opposite direction from the majority of the crowd.

Ironically, instead of just one single person, the need to acclimate in sync just forces the entire group to moronically stare at a wall that will never lead to an open door.

This seems to be the case with the Kansas City Royals.

No one wants to risk believing in this team. No one wants to stick his or her neck out for a team that barely got by last season, regardless of the fact that they are the defending American League Champions.

The success is qualified with the inevitable “but” that is plaguing baseball recognition.

"But they were down four runs in the eighth inning of the wildcard game last year." "But they were the wildcard." "But it was the Orioles. The Angels." "But the Indians are a better pick. The White Sox. The Tigers."

The American League Central is an elevator full of trend-watchers who are turning their backs on the best team out there.

While 7-0 is an early start to the season, and I am sure the Royals will face losses and a rough game or two, they are the only unbeaten team in the Major League right now after sweeping the Anaheim Angels over the weekend.

They lead the series in runs, have allowed the fewest runs against and they have made one error amongst all seven games they have played. Where are all the “buts” now?

The team is good — really good. Ned Yost keeps his team motivated, focused and supportive. He seems to inspire the best out of all of his players.

Kendrys Morales is a great example of this. The designated hitter had a short-lived career in Minnesota last season without any notable stats, including zero home runs; yet, he blasted one over the fence against his former Twins team on Monday to add to the crushing 12-3 victory.

Players feed off positive energy, and the Kansas City Royals seem to breed that.

They could care less the band of misfit baseball opinions continues to cast them as a team who has skated through to the success they have recently met, rather than seriously consider them as the best team in the Major League.

No one needs to jump on the bandwagon and become a “fan” overnight. That is frowned upon, and we know true Kansas City fans have been waiting a long time to have a team that is a contender for, well, anything.

It's time to start having the conversation about their earned success, though, and it's time to stop qualifying their accomplishments with a string of “buts” that just are not justifying the power this team holds right now.

The boys in blue are good, really good.

Don't get caught standing with your back to the elevator doors. The Kansas City Royals are the best team in the Major League.