Bat Boy Passes Away After Player's Practice Swing Hits Him In The Head


A 9-year-old serving as an amateur baseball team's bat boy is dead after being hit in the head by a practice swing, Huffington Post confirms.

According to Daily Mail, the Bee Jays of Liberal, Kansas were playing the San Diego Waves in Wichita on Saturday afternoon as part of the National Baseball Congress World Series.

Bat boy Kaiser Carlile reportedly ran onto the field to retrieve a player's bat when a man near the on-deck circle took a practice swing, smashing the boy, who was wearing a helmet, in the head.

Witness Jim Parks told KSN,

The home plate umpire, who was reported to be a paramedic, began to administer first aid.

EMS workers were apparently already nearby treating a woman who was having a dizzy spell at the game.

The boy was taken into intensive care and said to be in critical condition.

On Sunday, the Liberal Bee Jays posted an update to Facebook saying Carlile, who had been the team's batboy for the majority of the season, was "still in critical condition but hanging in there," Daily Mail reports.

It was just after midnight on Monday the team announced the boy's death on Facebook.

The National Baseball Congress released this statement on the death earlier today:

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