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Michael Jordan Even Trash-Talked 'Space Jam' Extras During Pickup Games

Michael Jordan is not just the greatest basketball player, he might also be the greatest known trash-talker in the history of the NBA.

Oh sure, he was good with the ball, but he could also get into opponents' heads with mind games, too? We know this much, many of his former adversaries have attested to it, but we never knew he took things this far.

In an interview with Grantland's Jason Concepcion, former basketball player and "Space Jam" extra Keith Gibbs said Jordan trash-talked on set.

Yes, even while shooting a fictional basketball game, His Airness would still be yapping.

Gibbs told Concepcion,

Did Jordan trash-talk you? Oh yeah, nonstop. [Laughs.] He didn't give a s--t who you were. When I was doing 'Space Jam,' we played three days. I thought it was over. I had to go out of town. I get a phone call, they're like, “Why aren't you here?” I was like, 'Oh, they're still playing?' I had no idea. I walk in, and it's Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Alonzo Mourning, Charles Oakley. Grant Hill shows up. Jerry Stackhouse shows up. Now, all of a sudden it's an NBA All-Star pickup game. Every night. I did that for about a month and a half, two months. Then the UCLA kids came in, and they had just won a national title — Ed O'Bannon and those guys. Just phenomenal. Best pickup games I'ever been a part of. It was unreal. Yeah, so Jordan… I had to guard Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan in back-to-back games. It was so bad. I was friends with Chris Mills and Tracy Murray — we had been to some camps together. One play, I got switched onto Jordan, because Chris was like, 'Keith, you take him.' Jordan hit a 35-footer on me. I mean, it was ridiculous: leg out, tongue out, all that stuff … hit a 35-footer on me and goes, 'GET THE F*CK OFF THE COURT.'

Yeah, the GOAT is just wired differently.

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