Joe Paterno To Sandusky Victim: "I Have A Football Season To Worry About"

From Brock Turner to Baylor University's football program, the issue of rape and assault on college campuses has been put front and center over the last few months.

However, regardless of the legal proceedings pertaining to these and multiple other cases, there remains one constant in how educational institutions themselves are handling these terrible incidents: They're doing everything in their power to turn a blind eye.

Perhaps the most egregious piece of evidence to suggest as much has just emerged.

According to recently released court documents pertaining to the allegation former Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children, Paterno told "John Doe 150," a Sandusky victim, that he couldn't help him because,

I have a football season to worry about.

John Doe 150, as referred to by the Washington Post, testified Jerry Sandusky stuck his finger in his rectum in the shower when he was just 14 years old.

This incident allegedly occurred in 1976, but the attitude and mentality Joe Paterno reportedly displayed back then is 100 percent visible today. Schools often appear reluctant to act on accusations of rape and assault, presumably for fear of negative publicity and a damaged reputation, which is wholly unacceptable.

A college campus should be the safest place for a student; instead, it's become the most dangerous.

Big time college athletics programs pull in major cash, which is why athletes have always received preferential treatment at colleges and universities.

Regardless of whether it's bullshit classes, like at the University of North Carolina, or more serious issues of rape and assault, as outlined above, we need to take a stand in this country.

The education system is damaged. When did we stop putting student safety above wins and dollar bills?


I love sports. The professional teams I support regularly benefit from elite college sports programs like Penn State's and Baylor's.

But I'll forever be horrified by the fact Joe Paterno couldn't help a young boy because he had "a football season to worry about."

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