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JJ Watt's Log Cabin Bed Is Definitely Fit For A King

Unless you're a fan of old-school, defense-first football, Sunday's Super Bowl was a bit of a snoozefest, which is why Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt couldn't wait to get home to his bed.

Following the conclusion of Super Bowl 50, JJ Watt's Snapchat story became an epic log of his journey home from Santa Clara, California.

JJ Watt appeared in disbelief over the lack of offense in Super Bowl 50...

...which is why he dipped out to his private jet as soon as possible.

Soon, JJ was flying high, with Levi's Stadium and Santa Clara far in his rearview.

Finally, the Texans superstar returned home to The Lodge...

...and you know the first place he went was his bedroom so he could finally get a good night's rest in his comfy-looking bed.

Travel can take its toll, physically and mentally, but it was probably all worth it the moment JJ crashed out in the comfort of his own bed.