What You Can Do In College To Shape Your Future In Athletic Administration

Front Office Sports is proud to have sat down with Jeff Mitchell, senior associate athletic director at Santa Clara University.

Jeff was gracious enough to have offered up his time and insight into the perfect mix of experience and education, being able to wear many hats and creating meaningful relationships with those you work with on campus and in the community.

Jeff recently served as the interim athletic director, which helped reinforce the importance of being prepared for every situation. He also oversees a very successful internship program that has prepared law students at Santa Clara for positions in Athletic Administration.

Here are a few tips he has for being able to land a career in professional sports.

On The Importance Of Education While Pursuing A Career In College Athletics:

On The Importance Of Getting Involved As A Student:

On Making Vertical Moves Within The Industry In A Short Period Of Time:

On The Average Day As An Associate Athletic Director:

On Lessons Learned During Four Months As Interim Athletic Director:

On Networking And Creating Relationships:

Some Parting Wisdom:

I believe this is an exciting time to work in athletics administration. To be sure, we all have an eye toward the legal and legislative issues facing us today, but at the end of the day, we are in the education business.

We are working with talented men and women who are in a prime position in their lives to grow. As a university, we are the beacons in our respective communities. We need to be mindful that our role is to develop those around us.

As long as we maintain this focus, I believe careers in athletics (within the proper framework of higher education) will continue to thrive. We are fortunate to work in this profession, to be in the position to grow others and to provide fun and rewarding experiences for our communities.

This post was written by Travis Gorsch for FrontOfficeSports.org. You can follow Travis on Twitter and find the full interview here.