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Why Jameis Winston Is The Undisputed No. 1 Pick Of The 2015 NFL Draft

Over the course of the next 40 days, we will see the last hurdle for NFL hopefuls: Pro Day.

With the NFL Draft just around the corner, the big question on everyone’s mind is, who will be the number one draft pick in 2015?

All eyes are on Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston; there’s no doubt he is the undisputed number one pick in this year's draft.

Whether you’re a fan of Winston off the field or not, let’s take a look at his statistics in play. In his collegiate career at Florida State, Winston has won a national title and a Heisman trophy.

As far as his record, Winston has only lost one game in his 27-game career as a starter, completed 562 of 851 passes and has 65 touchdowns under his belt over his two-year career (red-shirted as a freshman).

Coming in at 6’4’’ and 231 pounds, Winston has a natural talent for scanning the field and anticipating openings to throw, which most quarterbacks at his level don’t see.

His ability to read the defense is unparalleled in the 2015 Draft, and he is fairly quick on his feet, even if he doesn’t look like it.

On top of all of this, he is able to throw from the pocket, follow through on all of his passes and make those side-field throws critical to an NFL team’s success.

As far as his performance at the combine, Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported 80 percent of NFL experts he talked to over the weekend thought Winston would be selected number one.

He may not have been the fastest runner (4.97 seconds in the 40-yard dash), but he proved his worth with his throws, which is what all franchises need when looking for a top-rated quarterback.

He also stepped up to the plate when it came to his interviews at the combine, proving his knowledge of the game, as well as a sense of leadership and confidence needed in a starting quarterback.

To compare his football style to a current NFL quarterback, look no further than Big Ben. Winston is similar in size and stature to the Steelers' starting QB, Ben Roethlisberger. Ben, however, is known for his pocket passing and accuracy on the field, and was also a first round draft pick.

Although irrelevant to their playing styles on the field, Roethlisberger had some maturity issues early in his career, much like Winston, but has not let that affect his career. He has taken home two Super Bowl Championships in 2006 and 2009.

Taking into consideration that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the number one draft pick also helps make the case that Winston will be theirs.

With a 2-14 season, head coach Lovie Smith, GM Jason Licht and the Glazer family are all looking to have a strong first pick, and with Winston’s talent, there’s no doubt he should be top of their list.

What's most interesting about the Buccaneers' upcoming decision is Winston is visiting the team for an all-day meeting today, which has been approved by the team and the NFL.

This type of visit has never occurred so early. It usually occurs closer to the NFL Draft in April, after teams have scouted at the colleges' Pro Day (Florida State's Pro Day isn't until March 31).

Whether you like him or you hate him, the bottom line is Famous Jameis (currently filed for trademark as his nickname) should be drafted as the number one pick.

He is a highly competitive passer who can create buzz for Tampa Bay and their upcoming season. If nothing else, Tallahassee is a mere 274 miles from Tampa, so if Tampa wants the local fan support, it would be in their best interest to go for Jameis.