Meet Italo Romano, The Wildly Talented Skateboarder Who Doesn't Have Any Legs (Video)

The 26-year-old Brazilian has been a daredevil his entire life; Italo Romano lost his legs when he slipped while riding between two trains, a stunt that he and his friends would do as teenagers. Romano refused to let his sudden disability, occuring at age 13, limit his adventurous lifestyle, and has used his home of Curitiba, Brazil, as an urban playground.

Though he lacks the speed and air legged skaters get, using his hands to manipulate the board gives him a degree of dexterity only rivaled by schoolkids playing with TechDecks. His boardflips and spins have a degree of precision that none can match, and the sheer shock value he generates in pedestrians is amazing.

His low center of gravity allows him to do unreal grind tricks, including hopping and switching the type of stalls. Check the record books: Our boy made the semi-finals at the Tampa Pro 2012.

H/T: Daily Mail